Omar Trejo

Omar Trejo

Solutions Engineer


You need a digital transformation to lead your industry. You want to empower your team with data-driven algorithms. You know that solutions emerge from fast experimentation, and that large firms are often slow and inefficient. You understand that short, focused, strategic projects, add up to digital transformations.

Hello! I'm Omar, a team of one, and I'm here to help.


10 years



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National Awards
Some of my beliefs
  • Complex problems require Systems Thinking.
  • Time is the most important resource we have.
  • Everything can be modeled as a time-series.
  • Most decisions can be improved using data.
  • Humans should not focus on machine work.
Some personal facts
  • Background in Mathematics and Economics.
  • National Data Science Contest, 1st Place (2014).
  • National Mathematics Contest, 8th Place (2008).
  • I enjoy publishing posts, books, and courses.
  • I have been programming since I was a kid.

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About my clients

My clients think big and are proactive. Are you ready?

My clients' characteristics
  • Clear business goals and success metrics.
  • Committed teams that practice radical candor.
  • Desire to grow solutions (no big-bang projects).
  • Enjoy working remotely with distributed teams.
  • Value quality over speed, and speed over price.
  • Value return-on-investment over price.
My clients' needs and desires
  • Digitally transform to increase company value.
  • Make smarter and faster data-driven decisions.
  • Competitive advantage with smart automation.
  • Embrace, simplify, and solve complex problems.
  • Enable self-service teams with powerful tools.
  • Minimize Total Cost of Ownserhip (TCO).
Questions my clients initially had
  • Why all the hype around AI, ML, and Big Data?
  • How can AI/ML be leveraged in our company?
  • How large can the impact be for our company?
  • How do we increase our team's data maturity?
  • Are our systems ready for these approaches?
  • How do we tie all this back to business value?
Why my clients like working with me
  • I work by myself, so I execute very fast.
  • I use practical, no-nonsense approaches.
  • I do strategy, design, and implementation.
  • I work with technical and business teams.
  • I tie technical decisions to business value.
  • I use fixed-pricing with shared risks/rewards.

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We appreciate receiving your comments, questions, and content requests.

You're in good company

As a client of mine you get top quality solutions.

John Liang

Omar is one of the most professional and highly skilled engineers I have ever worked with in my 20 years delivering technology. His role was Lead Architect and Data Scientist on a program to develop a custom Machine Learning Platform for a top 10 global telecom client. The work he delivered exceeded client expectations and has been a foundation for our clients ML journey for the next few years.

Sydney University

Omar is a dedicated professional that knows how to get things done. He was a pleasure to work with and is incredibly capable and helpful. Hire him whenever you need something done right, or when you need something impossible pulled out of a hat. He is a life saving wizard... He will cast a spell and make results magically appear! Trust me on this one.

Johan Palmberg
World Gold Council

First time request with a large budget. Omar was excellent as always. He was quick to understand the brief. Came back very quickly with interim results of his work for review, was flexible on time for video calls and delivered as requested on time and budget. Hugely impressed and will use again. Many thanks Omar!

You can see more reviews about my work in my Codementor Profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send me an email describing your goals, success metrics, budget, timeline, and data. Don't forget to also let me know how you found me. I'll reply with a link where you can schedule our call and will have some initial ideas to discuss.

We will use a portfolio strategy to maximize your value. We will brainstorm many potential POCs and will select a few to move forward based on risk, reward, and effort estimates. The objective is to select a portfolio that maximizes the likelihood of us achieving enough value, even if some POCs fail. Here's the process I follow with every client:

  1. Discovery: let's diagnose exactly what you need.
  2. Strategy: let's make sure the portfolio selection is robust.
  3. Development: let's iteratively converge to a working solution.
  4. Validation: let's make sure it works inside your business.
  5. Transfer: let's empower your team to continue to evolve it.

No. I help my clients way before an RFP can exist. If you already have one, you either self-diagnosed or had someone like me help you, and you're set on a specific strategy. In that case, the value I can provide you is significantly reduced, and I only implement projects where I went through the first two stages of my process with the client.

I use fixed-pricing with shared risks and rewards. I do not provide time-based rates for projects (e.g. hourly rates) because doing so produces bad incentives: the slower I am the more I get paid, which is crazy. I want to get payed for being effective and efficient, not for wasting your time. Fixed pricing puts the risk on me, the expert.

If necessary, but in most cases it is not. I work remotely and that works just fine for the vast majority of projects. If your particular case would benefit from sporadically meeting in person, I'd be happy to do so once we kick-off the project and setup a reimbursement mechanism.

Yes. I often help companies with their own clients. In these cases I will represent your company when interacting with your client. If we're working through a project, these will be included in the fixed price. If we're working through a retainer, these will count towards your call time.

It's a way for me to show you what I want to publish and for you to show me what you want to learn. Win-win. The way it works is that I publish placeholders for the blog posts, books, and courses I want to work on, and those with the most pre-sales and comments are prioritized in my calendar. To learn more, check out A User-Driven Knowledge Center.

Yes. I'm happy to refer potential clients to other established experts. Send me an email describing what types of projects you believe you're a good fit for. I'll add you to my list of experts and refer you to potential clients when you seem to be the best fit. Please note that refererals are not endorsements.

Send me an email

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