R Programming by Example

June 23rd, 2020

Since I wrote this book a couple of years ago, it has received great feedback. R is a high-level statistical language and is widely used among statisticians and data miners to develop analytical applications. Often, data analysis people with great analytical skills lack solid programming knowledge and are unfamiliar with the correct ways to use R. Based on the version 3.4, this book will help you develop strong fundamentals when working with R by taking you through a series of full representative examples, giving you a holistic view of R.

"If you know another language (in my case Fortran) and want to quickly get started with R then this is the book for you. The R process for designing and writing programs is quite different for those of us with a more structured compiled language background. This book will quickly make you aware of this and the advantage for doing some quick data analysis." —Bruce Klimpke

"I know programming at an intermediate level, and I've recently started to focus in Data Science. This book was the right one for me! It does a great job at introducing R from a programmer's perspective, not only showing you how to do interesting Data Science projects, but actually explaining the underlying programming concepts which I had not seen well explained in other R books. Thanks!" —John Stewart

"The book is well written and easy to follow. I specially liked the broad range of use cases and the different kinds of applications it reviews: not only statistics but also parallel computing, web applications, software development with object-oriented programming, etc. Overall it is a very good book and I highly recommend it." —Nestor Sánchez

"Explains clearly and concisely many of R's important features with interesting use cases. Highly recommend it." —Anonymous

"Our copy of R Programming By Example just came in and we absolutely can't wait to dig into it! Shout out to its author, Omar. This guy is truly a #DataScience unicorn! He specializes in #Cloud, #RStats, #Python, #AI, #ML and even dabbles in $Crypto!" —Lawrence Mosley

"R Programming by Example is one of the very best texts in the market and a perfect gateway to introduce students to R." —Jibonayan Raychaudhuri


I help companies through digital transformations by designing and developing systems that improve human decision making with data, cloud, software, and mathematics (Machine Learning, Operations Research, Statistics). I also enjoy coaching teams and publishing content on Smart Automation.


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